Mentorship Program


The purpose of the Mentorship Program is to develop a formal network of experienced SASW members who will become associated with students and social workers new to the profession. This supportive network will contribute to the enhancement of the professional identity of SASW members

Goals of the Program:

  1. To strengthen the autonomy of the social work profession through a mutual support system focused on the CASW Code of Ethics (2005).

  2. To establish mentor/mentee relationships that are based on guidance, respect, confidentiality, and the spirit of volunteerism (relationships will extend beyond the boundaries of one’s employment or student role).

  3. To accept broad based boundaries of the development of the program :

    1. SASW student members in the Faculty of Social Work (University of Regina and First Nations University of Canada) will be consulted for input in the development of the program.

    2. SASW members will have the freedom to provide professional expertise beyond their job descriptions.


  • The Mentorship Program will provide a match between experienced social workers who are members in good standing with SASW with social work students or social workers new to the profession.

  • The match process will be based on the completion of a SASW Mentor Program Mentor/Mentee application form. Applications are available on the SASW website or through committee members of the Mentorship Program.

  • After the match is completed either participant may initiate contact.The committee will only be responsible for coordinating distribution of contact information to each participant.

  • The suggestion is that the mentors and mentees should meet for a minimum of three to five times before terminating the relationship. Both parties may choose to continue beyond that guideline.

  • The committee will provide an opportunity for evaluation of the match.

  • Participants are requested to contact the committee at the completion of their match or if they wish to withdraw from the program.

Social workers represent a range of practice areas that include : medical social work, mental health, population health, child welfare, research & social policy, education, community development, private practice, youth an adult corrections, advocacy, social justice.

If you are interested in registering, please complete the Mentor Registration Form and forward it to:

Saskatchewan Association of Social Workers
2110 Lorne Street
Regina, SK  S4P 2M5
Phone: (306) 545-1922