FAQs for RSW

Why am I not getting the ONLINE Renewal Link?
If you were a  practising social worker in the previous renewal year, the first step to the renewing process is to record a minimum of 40 hours of continuing education in at least TWO of the three recording categories. Once you have recorded the required continuing education hours within the SASW online system, the ONLINE link will appear.

Why can’t I change my name on the renewal form?
SASW requires that you submit verification of a change of name. On your Member Home Page, click on the Change of Name Form which is located under the ONLINE Forms bullet. A screen will appear where you can provide your change of name information. This information will be sent electronically to the SASW office where the change will be made.

Why will my renewal form not let me move forward to the next screen?
You must fill out all of the required information before your renewal form will let you continue on.  Check the screen for highlighted areas that you may have missed.

Why does my birthdate come up as this year?
The system we are using has a calendar function that defaults to the current year. Once you have clicked on a date you can edit the numbers to the correct month/day/year.

What do I do if I don’t have an employer?
You must select “No Employer” in order to move past the employment section.

Why can’t I change my education on the renewal form?
If you have upgraded your education, SASW requires original transcripts for verification. Please contact the academic institution where you received your credential and arrange to have the transcript sent directly to the SASW office.

What registration category should I apply under?

  • Full Time
    for members who are employed 21 hours per week (84 hours/month) or more.

  • Part Time
    - for members who are employed no more than 20 hours per week (80 hours/month) or less.

  • Non Practising
    for members who are:
    • on full time educational leave
    • not employed
    • employed but NOT in the practice of social work (as defined by the CASW scope of practice statement)
    • maternity/paternity leave - if you are on maternity/paternity leave, you are encouraged to maintain your registration during your leave as  the registration fee is reduced while on leave and non practising members are exempt from reporting continuing education for the period of their non-practicing status.

What happens if I let my registration lapse for more than 1 year?
If a member lets their registration lapse for more than one year, you will need to reinstate your registration by completing the new member application form, paying the prescribed registration fee plus a reinstatement fee as well as submitting:

  • a criminal record check (not more than six months old from date of issue); must be original document.
  • letter of reference to be completed  by a registered social worker or current social work employer on the prescribed SASW form; must be original document.
  • an up to date resume outlining your work/volunteer experience.

As well, if not on the SASW file, a transcript of marks must be ordered from the academic institution where you received your social work credential. This transcript must be sent directly to the SASW office from the institution.

How can I pay for my renewal?
All registrations must be paid for online with a credit card (Visa/MasterCard). Visa Debit cards are not accepted within this online system. SASW does not invoice members/employers for registrations.

What if I do not have a credit card or do not want to use my personal credit card online?
If you do not feel comfortable paying your registration with your personal credit card, or do not have a credit card, we suggest that you purchase prepaid credit cards. These prepaid credit cards are available through:  Canada Post outlets, through drug stores and financial institutions.

I have expressed interest in committee participation several times over the years but I never hear anything. How do I get onto a committee?
Most SASW committees have a limited number of members and more interest than space available each year. SASW tries to make sure that each committee has representation of social workers from around the province; therefore, if you work in a location that is already represented by a committee member you may not be selected this year.

There are also a few committees that look for practitioners with several years of practice experience, such as the Practice Ethics Committee, the Professional Conduct Committee, and the Discipline Resource Pool. If you are a fairly recent graduate, you are not likely to get selected for one of these.

Please keep letting SASW know what you are interested in because we do rely on these lists to get new members when spaces open up.