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The SASW - Saskatoon Branch Mentorship Program aims:

  • To develop a formal network of experienced SASW members who would like to become associated with students and social workers new to the profession.
  • To develop a supportive network that will enhance the professional identity of SASW members.
  • To strengthen the social work profession through a mutual support system.

This Mentorship Program will match experienced social workers with social work students or social workers new to the profession. It is hoped that Mentors and Mentees will meet in person a minimum of three to five times, however meetings and communication will be determined between the matches. It is perfectly acceptable to contact each other using today’s technologies (i.e. email).

To assist in scheduling face to face meetings the local Saskatoon Branch Mentorship Committee may host up to three mentorship events yearly. These events are voluntary opportunities; you can be part of a Mentor/Mentee match and not attend. As well just the Mentor or Mentee are welcome to attend on their own.

The program seeks out Registered Social Workers to be Mentors from a range of practise areas including: medical social work, mental health, child welfare, research& social policy, education, addictions, community development, private practise, corrections, advocacy, social justice and so on. A Mentor will be a registered member of the SASW in good standing. Participation as a Mentor counts toward your professional development hours.

If you are interested in participating, please complete Mentor/Mentee Registration Form and forward it to: