Awards and Scholarships

CASW National Social Work Award

The CASW National Social Work Distinguished Service Award is given yearly by the Canadian Association of Social Workers on the occasion of National Social Work Week, to an individual or group of individuals selected from their membership by each CASW member organization. The criteria for nominations are established by the provincial organization. 

CASW & SASW Requirements:

  1. that the nominee be a member of a working group of members in good standing with the provincial organization

  2. that the nomination be of a social worker who has provided outstanding contribution in any area of social work practice at the local, provincial or national level

  3. the nomination be supported by three registered social workers in Saskatchewan

  4. the nominee must have a valid/current registration with SASW

  5. a picture/biography about the nominee must be submitted with nomination

Procedure for the Award:

  1. In October of each year, member organizations are invited to submit the name of its nominee or group of nominees including photograph and biographical sketch in the form of an article (150 words) for publication in the CASW Bulletin. Deadline for submission is December 15.

  2. The award certificates will be signed by the CASW President and Executive Director.

  3. The award certificate will be presented at the SASW Annual General Meeting.

  4. Member organizations are encouraged to publicize the presentation of the award within their newsletter and newspapers throughout the province as a means of honoring the individual and promoting the profession.